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Cyber insurance can be a tough sell. Many businesses underestimate the risks they face and wrongly assume their business policies will provide adequate protection. But in today’s digital age, a dedicated cyber insurance policy is just as essential as general liability insurance.

Cyberwrite’s cyber insurance technologies make it easy for you to help your customers quickly and easily understand their risks and get the protection they need.

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Quickly demonstrate to clients the minimum coverage needed and why

Simply enter a company’s name, URL, industry, and country into the Cyberwrite platform and in less than a minute receive key cyber risk insights in an easy-to-understand one-page cyber insurance risk report. You can run reports for any business — at any time — so they can address potential risks before they submit their applications to underwriters.

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  • Benchmarks and Predicts Risks Assess how an organization’s cyber insurance risk compares to its peers for each coverage type in your policy, including data compromise, identity recovery, cyber extortion, and much more.
  • Highlights Key Findings See which risk domains require attention including critical vulnerabilities correlated to claims and breaches, exposed credentials that enable swift access into the insured’s organization, and more.
  • Estimates Financial Impact Review the potential financial impact of a cyberattack on any business. Cyberwrite’s algorithm analyzes data from thousands of sources on historical damages to businesses, future costs of managing a cyber breach, and financial fines, to discover aggregated losses and probable losses for each coverage type in your policy.
  • Supports Businesses Worldwide Access reports in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Japanese, and Portuguese, to meet each client’s needs.

Empower businesses to reduce their risk

Strengthen your role as a trusted partner and advisor by providing your clients with in-depth AI driven insights, ongoing monitoring and alerts, and a personalized portal to review, prioritize, and mitigate their exposures.

  • In-depth regulatory gap analysis Demostrate how a company’s cyber risks may impact regulatory frameworks.
  • Residual risk analysis Outline any remaining risk with internal safeguards implemented.
  • Recommendations for improvement Provide targeted actions, tagged based on severity, to help businesses improve their security posture and prioritize which measures to address first.
  • Automated alerts Conducts ongoing monitoring based on new cyber intelligence and newly discovered threats and sends alerts to both you and the insured so they can take action to prevent breaches before they occur.
  • Personalized insured portal Enables business leaders to review their exposures, understand potential impacts, and prioritize their security efforts. When an insurance company provides their customer with access to the portal, the data often compels the insured to take action to reduce their cyber risks.
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What our customers say

Cyberwrite’s technology helps our customers reduce the risk of cyberattacks and protect their essential data, The strength and reach of Cyberwrite’s platform helps us keep up with emerging exposures in this rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.

Tim Zeilman
VP and Global Product Owner for Cyber

Creating a Cyberwrite report is easy and takes only a few minutes. The agent or broker inserts and company’s name, web address, sector, and location into the system… to calculate the applicable risk level, how much coverage is needed and of what type.

Tyler O’Connor
CRC Group

Cyberwrite gives our clients an insight into cyber risk, including critical findings and a potential loss estimate that clearly illustrates how much their exposure is. Having access to Cyberwrite has given our brokers a tremendous advantage and our clients confidence in their decision to purchase cyber insurance, and how much to purchase.

Edward Wong
Regional Director
Howden Broking

Using the Cyberwrite risk reports enabled me as a broker to help clients get the policy they need. It’s easy to generate the report, but the level of risk analysis and potential financial impact predictions are really top-notch. Using the report we are able to explain cyber risk to customers quickly and easily.

Tony Cabot
Victor Insurance

Cyberwrite is a great partner to work with and they have a solid understanding of the cyber risks that all businesses face in today’s world. Cyberwrite helps us to quantify and manage our cyber risks across HSB’s portfolio.

Steve McWilliams
Cyber Risk Services Manager
HSB Munich Re