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Enable digital customer engagement of new and existing customers using Cyberwrite's human-readable and easy to understand reports while managing the aggregated risk

Coverage Risk Benchmarking

Discover the risk score for each coverage in the policy compared to industry peers

Risk Profile Benchmarking

Discover what the risk profile is for any business and how it benchmarks

Financial Impact Estimation

Discover the estimated financial damages expected for a business in the case of a cyber incident

On-demand Reports

Get the reports just in time to win deals and manage your risk

Simple to Understand

Get a human-readable report which "speaks" insurance language that anyone can understand

Actuarial Scores for Underwriting

Discover what is the actuarial score for semi-automated underwriting processes

Success Stories and Use-Cases


Carrier or broker enabling a business owner to purchase cyber insurance

A large US-based Insurance company is using Cyberwrite to underwrite small and medium-size businesses for cyber insurance policies, enable brokers and agents to sell more and manage aggregation of risk to avoid a cyber catastrophe:

  • Digital engagement –  A medium-size factory owner would like to purchase a cyber insurance policy –  but she is not sure what limits to purchase and what are her company’s main risks.
  • The agent or broker, get’s access to Cyberwrite’s platform from the carriers and is using it present the customer with a Cyberwrite report in order to have a meaningful discussion with the customer regarding the company’s cyber insurance needs.
  • The insurance company gets the risk data using an API  and use it for automated underwriting tailored to their policy using Cyberwriter methodology to decide what limits to offer and price the policy.
  • The data of all customers which were profiled by the Cyberwrite platform is aggregated to build the systemic risk model of the book.
  • End result – new satisfied customer AND controlled risk levels, all tailored to the risk appetite of the specific carrier.
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Insurance executives seek to improve the cyber insurance process

A cyber insurance underwriter is flooded with new policy requests, inaccurate questionnaires and how all that data impacts the different coverages in the policy they offer.

  • The insurance company engages with Cyberwrite starting with the success proven Cyberwrite two-day workshop for policy analysis and project launch.
  • Cyberwrite adapts the algorithms and reports to the specific policy of the insurance company.
  • Training for underwriters, agents/brokers, and other team members is delivered to get the most out of each report.
  • Reports are delivered to both the underwriters and insureds which results in more policies sold and less risk on the book.
  • End result – Lower loss ratio AND increased customer satisfaction.
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Informed cyber underwriting and digital customer engagement