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Manage the financial business aspects of cyber risk!

Cyber Risk Profiling in Realtime

Discover the risk profile for any Small and Midsize business in realtime and on-demand.

Cyber Financial Impact Analysis

Discover the financial impact of cyber on your organisation using a data-centric approach.

Automated Recommendations for Risk Mitigation

Recommendations on how to mitigate the financial impact of cyber risk - tailored for your business.

On-demand Reports

Get the reports just in time to win deals and manage your risk.

Simple to Understand

Get a human-readable report which "speaks" insurance language that anyone can understand.

Actuarial Scores for Underwriting

Discover what is the actuarial score for semi-automated underwriting processes.

Success Stories and Use-Cases


Cyber Insurance Platform

A large Insurance company is utilizing Cyberwrite to underwrite small and medium-size businesses for cyber insurance policies, enable brokers and agents to sell more and manage aggregation of risk to avoid a cyber catastrophe:

  • Digital engagement –  A medium-size HR firm would like to purchase a cyber insurance policy –  but she is not sure what limits to purchase and what are her company’s main risks.
  • The agent or broker gets access to Cyberwrite’s platform from the carrier and is using it to present the customer with a Cyberwrite report in order to have a meaningful discussion with the customer regarding the company’s financial exposure to cyber-attacks and her insurance needs.
  • The underwriter, in turn, gets the risk data using an API and uses it for automated underwriting tailored to the carrier’s unique cyber policy to decide what limits to offer and price the policy.
  • The data of all customers which were profiled by the Cyberwrite platform is aggregated to build the systemic risk model of the book.
  • The end result – new satisfied customer as well as controlled risk levels, all tailored to the risk appetite of the specific carrier.
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Bank Enabling Merchants to Become Cyber Ready

The average damage due to a cyber attack on SMB is $200K. Banks suffer significant part of these damages due to cyber fraud on customers accounts as result of low cyber security awareness and lac k ofPCI-DSS compliance by Merchants.

  • The bank offers merchants access to the Cyberwrite platform which conducts cyber risk profiling of the merchants cyber readiness, quantifies the financial risk and provides actionable mitigation actions.
  • The bank may also use the Cyberwrite underwriting score as part of the Credit Ratings to quantify and consider the cyber risk associated with providing credit to merchant.
  • Eventually the merchants are overall more cyber aware, better protected and the bank suffers less cyber security related damages.
  • Cyberwrite is a Mastercard StartPath participant to support the eco-system with our advanced risk technologies.


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Financial Cyber Risk Quantification for Companies of Any Size

Using the cyberwrite field-proven AI technology, organisations can now quantify their financial cyber risk exposure, compare it to their unique risk appetite, and leverage data-driven recommendations to mitigate it. Cyberwrite’s information asset-centric methodology enables businesses to discover their potential financial exposure with zero-integration and minimal effort.

  • Leverage field-proven financial risk models used by insurance companies worldwide to discover what your organisation’s financial cyber risk may amount to.
  • Get recommendations for improvement using the Cyberwrite improvement engine tailored for your external and internal risks using Monte-Carlo simulations.
  • Discover the impact of potential security issues visible to attackers and other mal-actors and how they may impact your organization’s exposure to cyber attacks.
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