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  • Full visibility into your third-party risk ecosystem
  • Quantify and mitigate third-party risk management for an unlimited number of entities in your ecosystem
  • Attacker point of view analysis for each third-party entity presented on an easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Estimate the financial impact a cyber incident will have on your organization
  • Actionable risk mitigation recommendations for each entity
  • Personalized 30-minute onboarding call with one of our third-party cybersecurity experts

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Secure Your Third-Party Ecosystem

360° True
Risk Visibility

Leverage internal and external data to calculate inherent and residual risk resulting in a true and complete view of your risk

Predictive Risk Assessment

Your unique risk communicated via dollar amounts that predicts your loss in a case of an incident

Prevent Breaches
Before They Happen

Ongoing monitoring and real-time alerts based on changes in the third-party’s risk profiling and newly discovered threats